Summer Exhibition at Gallery On The Square, Dorchester

I currently have 5 paintings available for sale at Gallery On The Square in Poundbury. Durdle Door, Purbeck Hills, Poundbury, (painted as part of the Poundbury art in the park competition), coastal view through the flowers, tranquil view across water

Other artists exhibiting include, Rebecca Guyett, John Boyd and Sue Fawthrop among many other beautiful artworks and glassware

Lulworth Cove

This is another nice big one that I’ve just finished….
‘Valerian at Lulworth Cove’
I’m really pleased with the colours of this one – the turquoise sea and pink flowers are my favourite! I hope you like it! I love visiting Lulworth Cove and especially having a Chai Latte from the cafe on the beach…. So lovely and so lucky to live so close by.

Photo shoot

A friend and I had fun taking photos of some of my new paintings. We created a summer vibe which didn’t quite match up with the rain and wind that was going on outside. It was fun though and I quite like the images…

Harbour paintings

I’ve been working on a selection of large harbour paintings lately. I’ve spent a lot of my life walking around beautiful coastal towns so it seems like an obvious choice for a new batch of work. Some of the paintings have already gone to Azure in Sidmouth but I am hoping to keep creating more as they sell!

Moreton Woods, Dorset. I love this painting, I hope you do too!

This is a painting of a walk I love to do with the dog and because I can just about manage the whole walk with the pushchair. It’s mainly passable on the track around the woods. It was a walk I did a lot when we weren’t able to travel far away from home during Covid. It has special memories for me as my second son Olly was born 3 years ago at a very strange time and it gave me peace being amongst the trees and nature with him.